When All Those Around You

image17Do astonishing new events appear to be preceded by the crashing sound of our old life falling apart? Just sayin’…..it sure seems that  way to me. Not only old ‘deadwood’ splintering away, but jobs, friends, and support structure too. It is happening to those I love as the decision to stay and fight or fly away in a huff of self righteousness swirls closer and closer to my own life.

With each crash, this cleansing river of unwelcome events flows closer……challenging me to follow my heart and stand up for love,  or stoop to the lowest common denominator spewing easy anger and sarcasm .  It is easy to act like the wronged victim, it even feels good to harboring anger and hatred as the issues get highlighted. I am tempted to choose this path even as I realize this deadwood will stay firmly embedded within me if I do.

Therefore, I will just stand. I will allow the swirling, angry waters to pull away the splinters of my old life. I will listen to the wisdom of Spirit and simply BE in my power, with as much grace and neutrality as I can muster. But I swear….this stuff is really getting personal! Inner work sometimes brings sleepless nights. Is it worth it? You bet it is!

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