The Changing

image25The changing of the seasons offers us a change, and by now, we are settling into the changes that keep coming our way.  We are growing  accustomed to change and all it’s facets keeps becoming a bit easier to embrace.  Notice how change is weaving an ever widening circle around us each and every day.

Research is beginning to to highlight that as we continue to evolve we are making sharp upward strides to actually becoming smarter! That’s right….able to multi-task and hold many more concepts in our minds at one time. Amazing! In fact, reading one New York Times Newspaper is as much information that the generations 200 years ago would be likely to encounter in an entire year!

Is it any wonder then, that we become cranky and irritable at times with all our daily challenges and changes. But we’re are doing a great job we really are! We can keep reminding that we are here in this season of fast paced change to experience this. We desired a front row seat in order to learn how to cope with all these changes and we are getting smarter and better able to insulate  ourselves from the waves of  radiation and use them in the best possible way.

The solution to anxiety and worry is simple and challenging: “Lighten up!” Apply the 5 X 5 Rule. If I won’t remember it in five years, I won’t spend any more than five minutes on it. Always seek to smile and stay light. Laugh ….lots and share food, stories and hugs with each other. We really are going to make it to the finish line!

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