Victoria’s Channeling Gift

When channeling Spiritual beings….one must float with mindful wings!

From an early age, I talked to angels. I’d wait outside in a special place behind my garage. When life presented questions….I would ask my ‘friends’ for answers.They always took the time to stop by for a chat but didn’t always answer my questions. Instead they would explain about something entirely different then what was burdening my child’s heart. But you know what? I always came away feeling so much better.

I learned over the years to call upon their help less and less and to depend instead on the small voice I could hear in my mind. It wasn’t until my near-death experience when I was 39, that I gradually began to realize the small voice I always heard was them! What I blessing to learn they had never left.

These days…I need only to close my eyes and float away. What comes to me to say, we call channeling. I have perfected my channeling gift and include a spiritual dialog with every remote or personal healing I do!

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