“In Lak’ ech” ~ Mayan phrase meaning “I Am Another You”

I have specialized for over 25 years in the exciting field of  Alternative Wellness. With my ability to channel forces from beyond the perspective of planet Earth or Gaia, my primary focus is assisting people in their Awakening Process as well as helping them achieve their dream of greater health and energy. I share what I know from all perspectives….both in my local community and from as far away as the cosmos!

In the early days of my professional life, I used my Masters Degree in Education to climb up the ranks in my school district. However, it took a near death experience to propel me into a private practice in Life Counseling, Healing and all things CRYSTAL! Using my teaching degrees, I have carefully crafted curriculum over the years to meet the challenge of the awakening happening on the planet. In my near death discussions with the beings I met “on the other side”, I realized that I needed to share my love of crystals and channeling. So began a journey that continues to this day.

With the assistance of Guides and Angels, I am able to offer a clear perspective during your healing session. In an effort to reach larger groups and share the powerful messages and loving perspectives in our Life Coaching Sessions, I conduct Channeling Circles to larger groups and then became certified to teach Yoga to students on a regular basis. All my yoga classes are channeled and each class, with the loving touch of guides and angels, is offered to the specific students who show up for class each week. My yoga and channeling groups are truly individualized each and every time we meet!

If you are new to spiritual awareness, walking an awakened path for most of your life or somewhere in between, I am able to suggest practical ways to help you understand what may be happening to you and to many on the planet at this time. If you are confused by conflicting medical advice or are recovering from an illness or accident, you have choices! I have many classes in my video library to get you started.

Together we can “walk a spiritual path using earthly feet”.