Victoria’s Channeling Gift

When channeling Spiritual beings….one must float with mindful wings!

From an early age, I talked to angels. I’d wait outside in a special place behind my garage. When life presented questions….I would ask my ‘friends’ for answers.They always took the time to stop by for a chat but didn’t always answer my questions. Instead they would explain about something entirely different then what was burdening my child’s heart. But you know what? I always came away feeling so much better.

I learned over the years to call upon their help less and less and to depend instead on the small voice I could hear in my mind. It wasn’t until my near-death experience when I was 39, that I gradually began to realize the small voice I always heard was them! What I blessing to learn they had never left.

These days…I need only to close my eyes and float away. What comes to me to say, we call channeling. I have perfected my channeling gift and include a spiritual dialog with every remote or personal healing I do!

The Changing

image25The changing of the seasons offers us a change, and by now, we are settling into the changes that keep coming our way.  We are growing  accustomed to change and all it’s facets keeps becoming a bit easier to embrace.  Notice how change is weaving an ever widening circle around us each and every day.

Research is beginning to to highlight that as we continue to evolve we are making sharp upward strides to actually becoming smarter! That’s right….able to multi-task and hold many more concepts in our minds at one time. Amazing! In fact, reading one New York Times Newspaper is as much information that the generations 200 years ago would be likely to encounter in an entire year!

Is it any wonder then, that we become cranky and irritable at times with all our daily challenges and changes. But we’re are doing a great job we really are! We can keep reminding that we are here in this season of fast paced change to experience this. We desired a front row seat in order to learn how to cope with all these changes and we are getting smarter and better able to insulate  ourselves from the waves of  radiation and use them in the best possible way.

The solution to anxiety and worry is simple and challenging: “Lighten up!” Apply the 5 X 5 Rule. If I won’t remember it in five years, I won’t spend any more than five minutes on it. Always seek to smile and stay light. Laugh ….lots and share food, stories and hugs with each other. We really are going to make it to the finish line!

When All Those Around You

image17Do astonishing new events appear to be preceded by the crashing sound of our old life falling apart? Just sayin’… sure seems that  way to me. Not only old ‘deadwood’ splintering away, but jobs, friends, and support structure too. It is happening to those I love as the decision to stay and fight or fly away in a huff of self righteousness swirls closer and closer to my own life.

With each crash, this cleansing river of unwelcome events flows closer……challenging me to follow my heart and stand up for love,  or stoop to the lowest common denominator spewing easy anger and sarcasm .  It is easy to act like the wronged victim, it even feels good to harboring anger and hatred as the issues get highlighted. I am tempted to choose this path even as I realize this deadwood will stay firmly embedded within me if I do.

Therefore, I will just stand. I will allow the swirling, angry waters to pull away the splinters of my old life. I will listen to the wisdom of Spirit and simply BE in my power, with as much grace and neutrality as I can muster. But I swear….this stuff is really getting personal! Inner work sometimes brings sleepless nights. Is it worth it? You bet it is!

Walking the Steps We’ve Lived Before


Our hearts are the time keepers of our lives. Those same hearts will often lead us back in time to a life we’ve lived before. The heart remembers. The heart reminds us of who we’ve loved , the hurts we’ve endured and what we’ve mastered and what still needs to be learned.

The learned heart will often lead us back in an effort to reconnect with the footsteps we’ve walked before. Quite literally, we often walk over our own past graves in an effort to integrate memories and emotions too powerful to process at the time.

Healing requires that we become whole and that’s the basis for Holistic Wellness. Take the time to follow your heart. Trust that your are ready to integrate the past and invite what you feel to be felt deeply and authentically. Feeling it offers ways to deal with it and ultimately dealing with it offers the healing the heart is seeking.

The Event…?

Image19How amazing is the idea that The Event may never arrive…or worse, happened and we didn’t make the cut!  I am convinced this Event I have personally been expecting since 1987 IS happening but those of us reading the latest on our favorite spiritual websites are seeing more evidence that this Event is bigger and badder than we imagined! I am starting to think however, that there is more at stake….much more than the front row seats at the Big Show I’ve been expecting.

I believe we are being shown very clearly, all the places  in our personal lives we must look at and love about ourselves. As we begin this a personal Event will course through each cell and light our Lights one human at a time.

This Shift has been in progress for hundreds of years and it may be a very quiet one. As we let go of our judgements and comparisons we start pulling the shadows out of the closet one at a time. We start to make peace with ourselves and tend to the personal wounds still throbbing within our hearts.

Maybe we are creating this shift, one heart at a time.  With the strength of nearly 8 Billion of us exploding  with self love, I’ll bet there will be a ‘whole lotta Shifting goin’ on! Further speculation….with all that love swirling all over the place, there’s a whole lot more room for  the love that inside to find those folks still frightened and needing some.  We really ARE the ones we came to find!