Channeling is a gift that awakened in me back in 1987.  One surprising morning in August of that year, I opened eyes and ‘knew’ I needed to purchase a crystal that would help me to channel beings from the unseen realms!

Thus began a whirlwind of study and research that would allow me to understand the fundamentals of  what would later become the foundation of my Healing Practice. I put the finishing touches as well as the all-important protection in place and soon began to meet the angels who first assisted me when I opened to channel. Several loving beings gradually were introduced to me including a wonderful angel named Motavia,  Master Saint Germain and most recently, a Pleiadian Priestess named Maya that we call “The Goddess.”

I am very choosy when it comes to who I bring in to channel. I understand that the being I am channeling is using my physical body and energy to visit the physical dimension and therefore needs me to enter! In a real sense it becomes a two-way agreement offering mutual benefit to all.

I channel one-on-one in my Healing Sessions and I channel to larger groups in a class setting. The general subject matter ranges from very grounded physical concerns all the way to Universal concerns and beyond! Clients often ask about confirmation regarding their chosen life path or insight about a loved one who has crossed over. They  always enjoy the insightful two-way dialog and come away filled with renewed hope and answers to their physical or emotional issues.

Channeled sessions are offered in person or from distant locations on phone or Skype. The words blend beautifully when paired with a Crystal Healing Session. We need to allow at least one hour for a channeled session and you will be amazed at the amount of wonderful, heart-warming, useful information you will receive.





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