We all have a Guardian Angel or an entire team of Angels to guide and protect us. You can learn about your angels and enjoy their channeled words for help along your path.

Welcome to Victoria’s Angel Connection! I am so honored that our paths have converged.   I have been on a spiritual path for most of my life. You too? Here we are walking together then, and so it seems you and I have something in common right here at the start. It is ironic that this page is entitled Home….because for me….my ancient home seems far away! So wherever in the cosmos we started our journeys, I am delighted you have stopped by.

I named my business and The Angel Connection because of the profound and very real connection I have to a group of love-filled beings I call The Angels. They were my Imaginary Friends as a child and I met them again in 1991 during a near death experience where I nearly lost my life. In a word, they are loving, full of fun, and very insightful. They offer assistance, answer my questions (often with another question) and lift my spirit when I am feeling in need of emotional support. They offer protection and insist that nothing is too profound or trivial for them when it comes to my life.

Thank you again for stopping by. The angels offer many blessings to you!